Collection: Katherine Laird

"Humans have entered a new geological epoch defined by the visible and lasting effects of human activity detrimental to all aspects of the environment. My work visually imagines relationships between invasive human existence and nature through conceptual and speculative fictions. I confront this theme by exploring surreal landscapes that are grounded in realities, histories, social systems and biologies that engage in the greatest challenge of our time, climate change. ⁠

I attempt to visualize ecological coexistence in the new Anthropocene through real and imagined futures, surreal narratives and fantastical fictions by combining a fusion of photo-lithography, etching and re-imagined print processes activated by digital GIFs, dimensional collage and installation. While merging 2-dimensional and analogue processes with 3-dimensional installation, assemblage and digital applications, I aim to provoke consideration in both the tension of the media as well as the prevailing state of environmental dystopia. ⁠

My current work attempts to visualize an imagined future of ecological coexistence in the new and hopeful Ecocene experienced by the innocence, romanticism, and fantasy of childhood understanding, nightmares and storybook aesthetic. The surreal and speculative narrative in my current work responds imaginatively to the seriousness of ecological degradation and the anxiety of children facing this challenge. I hope to foster change in how we define ourselves and future generations in the broader ecological landscape.⁠"

Instagram: @k.a.laird

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