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"My name is Coleen Pryce and I’m from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator. I’ve been making art since the age of three years old since then I dream of becoming an artist want to grow up. In my high school years, I decided to take art and decided to go to an art college after I finished high school.

My favorite materials I like to use are marker acrylic paint and color pencils. Acrylic paint is my favorite type of paint to use because it’s fast drying, it doesn’t take as long to dry as oil paint but it’s not transparent as watercolor. I do use watercolor paint sometimes for mixed media pieces, but it’s not my favorite paint to use.

My inspiration comes from video games or animated series and artists I follow on social media. I the thing really like the most is the character designs and backgrounds in video games. I follow a lot of artists on social media and a variety of different art styles. I mostly post my art on Facebook and Instagram, they are the only two social media websites I use to promote my artwork. If you want to see more of my artwork Feel free to follow @coleenpryceart on Instagram and you and can follow me On my Facebook page Coleen Pryce Art."

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