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Véronique Ash is a franco-Ontarian visual artist from Hamilton, Canada (Native to Mauritius Island). She is passionate about life and has enjoyed drawing since childhood; her mother was her first tutor. She works in many mediums, such as charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, and oil, although she specializes in watercolour. Her subjects are nature, still life and figurative. The medium for the sculpture will be clay, cement, and plaster. She took art courses with famous Mauritian artist and set designer Serge Constantin and then went to the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Mauritius, to study fine art with renowned artist and head of department Moorthy Nagalingum.

Being elected Miss Mauritius World and participating in the Miss World contest allowed her to meet people from different countries and cultures. She pursued her passion for art and culture while travelling to India, Thailand, Malaysia and more to discover the history of art. After studying, travelling, and researching, she started to build her private collection in her workshop in Mauritius. She studied graphic design and created logos for companies as a freelance illustrator of books. There she opened her gallery where her works were exhibited alongside Mauritian and foreign artists.

As an Artist educator and a recreation therapy facilitator from Mohawk College, she has experience teaching adults and children, as well as people with psychiatric disorders and the underprivileged. Véronique has used her skill through art in various fields to benefit the community. Teaching assistant at Welcome In Community Center (children with barriers to learning) Hamilton, ON Taught painting to Kindergarten (Le Petite Navire, Elementary school Notre Dame)Hamilton ON. She worked as a French-language educational assistant at Monseigneur de Laval, Elementary school, Hamilton, ON. She used creativity to teach kids to learn in fun, easy, and creative ways. She has also worked in long-term care and Adult day programs with people having dementia, Alzheimer and major depression. Véronique also teaches online and in-person art lessons. 

Véronique's paintings are realistic, abstract and figurative, and she would describe them as a journey through a personal life. She is merging the female form through linear movement into nature, where the figure will be in constant dynamic. Inspired by her surroundings, Véronique will spend long hours contemplating and comparing forms in nature. With a mental note, she will bring it to her own style and path while capturing the atmosphere and emotion with the line, form, and unique colour research and this is what she called imagination. She will represent nature, not as it is but as it could be.

She has shown her work in exhibitions at the immigrant Culture and art. Hamilton ON, at Carmen Banquet, Center 3 for artist and social practice and at art crawl Hamilton.

Her upcoming project is a Plein air watercolour course at Gage Park this summer, and hosting an art summer camp for kids for the Center Francophone, Hamilton ON. 

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