Collection: Stephanie Sikma

Born and raised in Hamilton, ON, Stephanie is a printmaker who creates linocuts. Carving into a fresh block of linoleum in pursuit of just the right line is her happy place. The goal of her work is to celebrate the beauty of the mundane-- from dandelions, to hands,
to heavy industry. Many of her lino prints feature Hamilton’s industrial waterfront, a space where the contrast of organic and industrial shapes makes the ordinary deeply compelling. Stephanie’s work is also informed by a love of gardening and the botanical world. Printmaking is a very physical process and, as in gardening, labour is needed to yield beautiful results. Stephanie also works as a highschool Art and English teacher; the perfect gig because you’re always learning. Her art work has been shown in various exhibitions and auctions, and is part of numerous private collections.

Instagram: @stephaniesikma

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