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Jossie Verhovsek is a realistic landscape and still life artist whose practice uses oil paint, lithography and pen and ink to display her paintings, etchings and sketches.

Jossie's parents immigrated from Europe and she was born in the rocky and picturesque province of British Columbia and soon after, the family moved to southern Ontario. Growing up Jossie always admired the captivating art work of her uncle Albin, who's numerous paintings engulfed their home. As a result, she attended McMaster University and graduated with a BA degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Studio Art and Art History. Many of her oil paintings, lithographs and sketches come from this era such as the “Mirror Reflection” oil painting, and the lithograph “Lake Ontario Sunset”. The artists that most influenced her style were the impressionist of the 19th century art movement. Her favorites being Monet, Renoir, Degas and Morisot. She married and raised a couple of talented and artistic children and also has a beautiful granddaughter. Life and family, to say the least became complicated and there was no time for Jossie's artistic endeavors. She took early retirement and has now resumed painting, drawing and creating. Recently completed paintings are, 'Lake Bled, Slovenia' and 'Bridge over Webster's Falls, ON' and also, 'Fresh Bouquet of Hope'.

As a landscape and still life artist, Jossie Verhovsek is moved by her faith and captivated by God's beautiful nature which has inspired all her art work. Her realistic landscapes include picturesque rivers, lakes and bridges with an emphasis on light, shadows and reflections. Her stilllifes are a colorful combination of kitchen scenes and florals.

Presently, Jossie sells her paintings, etches and sketches and will also paint custom landscapes and still life pieces to order. For more information, please contact Jossie Verhovsek on her email address

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