Morgan Wedderspoon - still here (right)

Morgan Wedderspoon - still here (right)

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Morgan Wedderspoon

Cyanotype photogram on watercolour paper, 9x12”


"My print media and found-object practice is guided by grief and longing: carrying climate anxiety and cultivating a desire to be part of the urgent work of healing.

Still an ongoing exploration, I made these recent cyanotype photograms during a period of isolation, using the parking lot and alleyway behind my rented home as a studio. The prints are spontaneous, site-specific images based on a philosophy of doing what you can with what you have, wherever you are. Available materials included small rocks, dirt, so-called weeds, plastic food packaging, and other bits of disappearing litter.

The analogue process, which uses available sunlight to fix iron to paper, allows me a very short window of working time to compose an image at real life scale. I am especially drawn to the spectral quality of translucent found objects and those that I move during exposure. I am enjoying the fast process, its no-revisions stoicism, and the sweet intensity of blue."